Optional merge in Effects list (Native, VST, VST3, and so on)

Hi, now that Renoise also supports VST3 I’m starting to find it hard to navigate in my ever-growing plugin effects list, since I like to use custom categories like «Compressors», «Delays», etc - and now some are located under Native, some under VST, some under VST3, AU, and so on.

Would it be an idea to make this type of automatic separation optional in Preferences? I’d love if for example ALL my reverbs (even Native ones), could be simply sorted under 1 group, instead of spread over 3-4 groups as it is now.

And if merge is enabled, perhaps format (native, vst, vst3 etc) could be indicated by a small icon on the same line instead.

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Make them a favorite, then add them to groups. You can have sub groups with a mix of native and vst/3 effects.

Thanks for the input. Yeah, well this method is a half-way workaround as I see it, because then I lose the real purpose of the Favourite functionaliy :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ll try this for a while and see how I like it.

Anyway, would love to see a smarter handling of all this in the future of Renoise. At least for me I think that sorting, browsing and selecting effects and plugins is an important part of the whole workflow, so it should be as comfortable as possible.

Also, it could be very time-saving if adding an effect to a group also could let us choose an existing group, instead of only having to type it in manually.

You could also create a subdir “favorites” within favorites, and then place the actual favorites here. But yes, you can’t put a plugin into multiple subdirs, and I also miss custom definable tags :cry: e.g. “m1”, “freeware”, “hq”, “cpu taxing”, “synthwave”… etc That would be so leet.