Orbital - Acid Pants (plugexpert Rmx)

I just uploaded my orbital remix of acid pants for the remix compo held by Future Music. It can be sqobbled here: http://www.zebox.com/plugexpert/

Maybe you’d like to drop some words? maybe not


last bump ever :)

I actually didn’t like the original track very much, but your remix is quite nice! It’s a got a cool, strange sound to it. Reminds me of some early Aphex Twin stuff.

Good work :P

cheers mate! :)

crap !.. i just found your stuff !

i love it !

ik houd ervan ! :)
ook NED. dus…zag ik :)

hmmm…maak je alle tracks met Renoise?
impressive hoor…

hmmm…u need to teach me a few things !




Way better than the original. I like your style. Randomly good.