Orchestral Brass Fun

This time, I made a video so you can see what is going on. However, the amount of tracks makes it hard to show it in one playthrough, so I apologize if I move around too much.

Also, that ocean skin is amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this… thing. :slight_smile:


Please keep showing this kind of content! This gives more quality to the use of this software, which in many cases is only used to make noise.
Orchestral music in Renoise often becomes a work of art. It is moving to see how other users use Renoise for orchestral music. I love!

The video is of high quality. You can not ask for more. All with plugins, where is the real power!

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sounds awesome!
which plugin for instruments did you use?

That violin at the end man i wanted more.God job demonstrating Renoise for this kind of music.

Thanks! Renoise can be used for anything! The hardest part was to set up the template tbh. Loading in new instruments while writing was actually a cause for much time wasted.


With the way SounCloud is changing, I might as well try out the video thing.

I’m glad you liked it! :postal_horn:

Its mostly a mix of Spitfire HZ Percussion (Red group), Spitfire Chamber Strings (Yellow) and their WW (Blue). For brass and bite I used Metropolis Ark 1+2 (Green group mostly).

As for plugins… I didn’t do much, except to tame the flutes + piccolo, as they’re very sharp. :slight_smile:

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Good music! This could be the soundtrack to some RPG game.