Orchestral Piece For Strings - Mixing


I want to produce an orchestral piece for strings with Renoise 2.8. I have only very little practical experience in using Renoise.
I have the necessary VST-instrument(s) and the orchestral score. There are two violins, one viola, one cello and one double-bass. I guess every instrument is really an ensemble. But it means that I need only 5 basic instruments multiplied by the different articulations. The piece is rather simple…hence, I don’t need stuff like e.g. pizzicato …

And here my question:
I fear that the result will sound bad without good mixing. In an orchestra the instruments have always a specific position relative to each other. HOW do I simulate the positioning ? Is panning and volume sufficient ? Do I need some (phase-)delays or something I even never heard of ? Well, I guess I need reverb, otherwise it will sound too dry.

Thank you,

Hi guys,

I guess it makes more sense to discuss this after I have compiled the first phrase. Still, if there is a good first mixing hint I would be thankful.