Orchestral Project

A small orchestral theme in which I have used basically Oboes and Strings, and above all lot of Chords. What I have to do is Quantize the oboe notes, but when I do it it …me sounds very mechanically.

Used Soft: Renoise, and vsti´s Instruments…


Comments Please !!!

You should give your solo instrument more room. The strings are too clustered and robust, which may seem like a good thing, but it dosn’t allow the oboe any room to define the sound. I would also break up the choppyness of the chords with some suspensions or maybe a pedal. Same thing with the texture of the chords. A lot of them sound like closed-voice piano chords which may work well with piano, but it doesn’t translate well to strings if they are the sole harmonic element of the piece.

it would also be nice to hear some pizz strings to underline some of the oboe lines.

The quantization on the oboe sounds very fluid and natural to my ears. I wouldn’t change the timing there, if it were me.

Mix-wise, Elsekiss is spot-on with the strings eating up too much frequency bandwidth and swallowing the oboe. It needs a little more room all to itself. That can be done by either panning out the strings wider to open up space in the center or carving out a hole for it with EQ (or maybe a little of both). Another suggestion I have would be to back off on the reverb/delay on the oboe; it’s a little too wet, and that pushes it further back in the mix. A very light touch of a very short plate reverb, with a 1/16th, 1/32th, 1/64th, or even 1/128thnote predelay might be just the thing to give it some depth without backing it away from the listener.

All in all, a very good orchestral piece :slight_smile:

Sounds like the background of an rpg. :slight_smile:

Nice work! Im glad that somebody here is doing music with “story”…not drums and bass only.