Orchestral Song Inspired By Assassin's Creed

hi guys. I’ve been working on this track lately. It’s inspired mostly by the music from the Assassin’s Creed games. I know it’s short, but I’m still thinking of new things to add to it. I used Nexus vst for the orchestra sounds, tracked in Renoise of course.


this is really good bro. I actually could picture a piece like this in the assassin’s creed games! :yeah:

Well i wouldn’t call it an orchestal piece, yet its mood is very intense. It would be nice to hear a more developed version

well done!

You could swing right into a Delerium kind of track if you’d add a beat and pumpy bassline around the current end of your track. Also, try adding more layers with subtle sounds/melodies and add some variations of the guitar-like instrument you’re using.
Not too much is happening yet in your track, but I like the atmosphere you’ve put down :) Good potential!

It has a good ambience, but it sounds too synthy to call it orchestral in its current state. It sounds better than most synth songs that carry the name “Orchestra” in the artist name or song type though.

Well, probably not orchestral by meaning composed for an orchestra. But who cares, great sounds and intensive feel! I like that acoustic instrument (guitar/harp?) playing arpeggios.

Could be great for game-music yes.

Thank you so much for the feedback, it’s really helpful. :)

Nice atmo in track, it would be good for soundtrack :)