Orchestral songs with Renoise

Hello to all.
Thoses tracks were all made with Renoise, appreciate some feedbacks.
They are not finished yet, some minor stuffs to change… Thanks.


amazing soundscapes.
thanks for posting

Renoise or trackers in general are well known for being best for producing electronic music, especially when it comes to produce beats trackers are superior to all other kind of DAWs. The more I’m interested when someone produces something completely different or even the opposite of electronic music with a tracker. You’ve got some really good stuff right here, all your tracks are great. I really dig the choirs and the interaction of the instruments and melodies. It reminds me of classical videogames OSTs such like Assassin’s Creed by Jesper Kyd. And the title “Les Portes De L’Infini” got my interest just by its title alone, and what can I say: The song didn’t disappoint. It’s your very best in my opinion. Really, really good. Not only the atmosphere, but also the composition.

This type of music heavily depends on emotion,articulation and dynamics and you nailed all 3 of them.I really can’t express in words how all of the tracks made me feel.Are all the vocals from a sample library?

This one hit me hard and wrote some lyrics for it in Greek but i will translate
Le Chant Des Etoiles (2022)

The lyrics are about a Son for his dying Mother

Mother dont cry
Mother dont be scared
Mother for what you have done in this life
you will be rewarded

What ever comes and goes
we will get through it together
All of your life you carried
the lives of others


No crying here
life will carry on
Whoever is left behind will hurt

Don’t shed no tears
throw water on the wound
so it can heal
Look up,they can see us too
Walk quickly
you will catch up

Something in these lines but in Greek makes more sense

Thanks for all the feedback.

Yes, all choirs are from various samples librarys. There’s a lot of them on some tracks.

Thanks, that give the track a new dimension. Would love to hear with the voice in Greek.

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It will be a tough one for me but i will give it a go and get back to you if something interesting happens

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Very realistic

Natural attacks and decays


Excellent work :slight_smile: Well done :slight_smile:
Here is one of my “action” music, I’ve done long time ago:


Thanks for the feedback.

And for sharing your work nykk deetronic :slightly_smiling_face: