Orchestral Template in Renoise Video

I made this guide about making an Orchestral Template in Renoise, where I go through routing and other more technical stuff, there isn’t any actual music writing. I did my best to cover the most important things in less than 20min, but I’m not very good at editing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope this video is helpful in regards to working with any number of third party sample based instruments. The most important take-away point is to group and route tracks together with channels from the sampler to organize the mess a little, proper titling and color coding is also nice!


Really interresting :+1: I think this can upgrade my workflow! Also for Kontakt.

But why I failed to make the midi mapping? :sob: I never used this function in fact so I’m a bit lost. I’ll try again later.

Hmmm, maybe you need to map the MIDI CC to your specific controller in its own software? I had to do that too before I could use it properly.

Glad the video could help you a little! :slight_smile:

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You DamnChicken :smiley:you ve made my day thank you for this