Order Separate Rendered Files Rightly

When you have rendered patterns to seperate files they get the _sepxx extention, that’s nice.
but when you drag the files back into the sample browser they begin a countdown from 10 to 1 and after that begins the countdown of the higher numbers.
this is not very convenient I think.

a little Off topic:
apart from this, maybe a ‘sort’ button in the sample slots right click menu would be nice, also to make the samples go compact (without holes)



maybe an automatic slicer in the sample editor to make portions without rendering the whole thing.

Ok enough brainstorming in one post…

The filename is based on whatever the track in Renoise is called, so if you do not change the defaults then you will get filenames such as YourSongTitle_Track 01.wav, YourSongTitle_Track 02.wav, etc., but if you rename your tracks to something more meaningful then you will get filenames such as YourSongTitle_Bassline.wav, YourSongTitle_SnareDrum.wav, etc.

I just wanted to clear that up, because when you said “they get the _sepxx extension”, it looks like you’re saying that the files will always be numbered, but that is not actually the case. Maybe it should be the case though? Maybe it would be better in the future if Renoise created filenames such as YourSongTitle_Track01_Bassline.wav and YourSongTitle_Track02_SnareDrum.wav, so that the track number is always inserted to help maintain file sorts, and any custom track names the user has defined are then added to the end.

When you drag samples into Renoise (either from the built in disk browser, or externally from Windows explorer), the samples are loaded in the same order that they appear in the file list. I have tested this in both Renoise 2.1 and 2.5 and it works normally for me every time. All I can think of is that your file list might be sorted by date rather than name? Sorting the files by name should give a more correct order.

I agree. A “Sort & Delete Unused Instruments” would be great.

I ment to say Patterns instead of tracks. but the file sorting thing inside windows can be applied here as well I think.
thank you for clearing this out.

D’oh! :)