Organizing my samples

Anybody know of any such program to help me manage and organize my samples? I’ve been using itunes playlists to organize drum hits and loops. You can write in the bpm and type of sound. Sometimes it’s fun to play the playlists on random to find some inspiration. Or even run random synth sounds in winamp over the top of itunes to find some pairings.

Getting to the point. I’m looking for a program i can organize all of my samples in. Maybe even back things up with too. Instead of playlists you could create sample packs. And drag and drop into renoise. I doubt any such thing exists so for now i can stick to itunes.

Having an exponentially growing collection myself this question appealed to me. A quick search found audio finder for Mac and sound librarian for windows. Think I may at some stage have to purchase audio finder myself, although it does cost nearly as much as renoise.

Free wise I found aural probe (win32) and something called Sample Tagger which seems to have completely disappeared off the Internet…

i like to type the name of the sample in renoise search… also made some xrnr’s that just contain favorites

what are xrnr’s?

ontopic: I really agree. And as soon as renoise shows the slightest hint of prehear functions accessible thru scripting i’ll definitely do a keyboard/midi controllable browser tool. probably.

xrni* :rolleyes:

here is a list of samples managers software some are free some not My link :drummer: