Organizing Vst's

The way VST’s are currently just dumped into a static list is something that can end up hampering creativity a bit IMO; it would be awesome if it were possible to create your own folders, etc and organize your VST effects and VSTi’s as best suited your approach - are there any plans to implement any sort of re-org of how these are listed in the future?


Renaming .dlls isn’t that kind of hazardous? Sorting them virtually in Renoise or a seperate editor would be great. Manually doing so with an .xml file would too, but then you’d have to take into account that VST’s get installed and uninstalled all the time, and that updating by hand is something of a bitch.
Since Renoise will scan for .dll’s and keep them on file, maybe this record could also host a virtual name and a virtual group, for sorting inside Renoise.


Yes, that’s why you have to verify them afterwards… haven’t tried this myself but from what I remember most VSTs should work.

It was only a suggestion. The other suggestions were to make the VSTi list into a treeview and make the VST list larger (a popup list).

Or even allow any number of groups / subgroups:


  1. uninstalling might be bombed after renaming
  2. the vsti checks itself or interfaces some other dll.

no problems doing this with those smaller vsti for me :)

and i like that XML idea… :yeah:

Cool. I’ll have to try sorting them when I get home.