Original Date Created

Can I find it somewhere?
“Date created” in Windows explorer shows me when I replaced the certain file, who comes up with stuff like that?
Searched in the xml file of the song, can’t seem to find it. :(

( Feature request if it is impossible to get back. :) )

In the meanwhile I put the date in the name of my files…


This is my preferred method: YYYY-MM-DD-My-song-name-here.xrns

File dates in Windows are a complete joke. I stopped relying on them a long time ago.

I do DDmonYYYYtitle, it is pretty clear.

I wouldn’t care less if some extra bytes of information would be written in the xrns file. :)

^^–cheers for the tips!

Yeah, you can do it any way you prefer really. The main reason I use YYYY-MM-DD is so that the files will be sorted correctly in chronological order, from oldest to newest. (Isn’t this what you wanted?)

For example, using my method the files would be sorted like this:

  • 2008-01-02-first.xrns
  • 2008-03-04-second.xrns
  • 2009-01-02-third.xrns
  • 2009-03-05-fourth.xrns
  • 2010-02-01-fifth.xrns
  • 2010-03-06-sixth.xrns

Using your method, it would be:

  • 01-feb-2010-fifth.xrns
  • 02-jan-2008-first.xrns
  • 02-jan-2009-third.xrns
  • 04-mar-2008-second.xrns
  • 05-mar-2009-fourth.xrns
  • 06-mar-2010-sixth.xrns


  • 01-02-2010-fifth.xrns
  • 02-01-2008-first.xrns
  • 02-01-2009-third.xrns
  • 04-03-2008-second.xrns
  • 05-03-2009-fourth.xrns
  • 06-03-2010-sixth.xrns

(I was unsure if ‘mon’ meant the numerical month, or the alphanumerical month name)

Either way is ok, and it’s still quite easy to find your work using either method, but I guess it just depends on what you prefer to see. For me, I personally prefer the correct chronological order. This is what I want to see when sorting files by their creation date, but Windows never seems to preserve the correct dates on the file attributes, so this is why I put it into the filename instead. When files from different years and months are displayed mixed up in different places, this is ‘wrong’ to me.

Rightclick and then “properties”?
It will show you somewhere below the first general tab a few lines.
The above is called “Created” which should be the actual creation date. What you usually see in the date-column is the “Modified” time.
If you have copied the file from a network place or you downloaded it, then the creation date is indeed the date it got on your machine.
It should not change when you overwrite the file from within Renoise.
If you replace it with a more recent version, then the creation date of the recent version is also indeed used.

dblue, I create maps according to month and year; eg apr2009, jul2010,etc. So chronological order between xrns-files isn’t a problem.

Your method is way better, but I just think the months shown as letters is way more legible than in numerics.
Idea/Suggestion to the world : We should rename our months into an alphabetical order!

Also, sometimes I feel more of an archiver behind my pc than anything else. Can’t wait for the day my computer will be able to read my mind.

That would be the day that men would understand women and vice versa.


Started using your method this year, dblue. :P