Ørsta Kulturhus

I like it, mix sounds very good and there’s lots of nice details and parts. I wished it was a bit more evolving though as i find the parts to be a bit dragging. Even though there are evolving elements all the way, they kinda sound the same to me, maybe it’s the main drive beat is a bit too generic to really get in the groove. This is of course nit-picking and my subjective critisism, the track and mix is really well made. :slight_smile:

Hm. Do you mean musically evolving or in terms of production/sounds? Or both, perhaps?

I’m not exactly shure how to put my finger on it, but i think the dynamics of the song would have been better if you dropped the second break down part and rather changed it to something that adds to the song instead of subtracting from it. Maybe play some with the melodi lines, maybe parts where you une it up 7 half notes or similar melody progressions. The song kinda feels like you’re in an endless loop, every part is good on it’s own, but it all just takes you back to where you were.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, either way it’s just nit picking.