Orthodox midi input in Renoise (vs. other DAW)


I’m interested on how a sophisticated Renoise user programs for example simple melodies with harmonic background (chord progressions). Do you simply put the scores into the sequencer or is there some kind of “Piano Roll” - replacement, that you developed for yourself ? I’m asking because at the moment I’m demoing Renoise and use it in conjunction with other DAWs via Rewire and I find, that I use the other DAW only for the piano roll - feature (and simple Midi Out/Midi In features for VSTi). So if there is some replacement I would not have to waste CPU power for the other DAW (and could produce in Linux instead of using Windows).

As a newb I have the feeling, that, when it comes to melodies/sound design with VSTi, it is better to use another DAW and record Audio for using Renoise afterwards like a sampler and arrangement tool. Does anyone agree or am I just not used to it, yet ?

Thanks for the input.

The tracker interface strength is the ability to quickly sketch out rhythmic structures and see tracks side-by-side. When doing melodies, it’s common to adopt a ‘sort by note columns’ approach, but the tracker interface really doesn’t impose any particular limits on how you do stuff.
The piano-roll is often discussed on this forum, it’s ability to visualize notes is a definitely a strength but doesn’t do chord progressions on it’s own. You would still need to make those, somehow.

I guess a lot of it comes down to preference. If you are used to the tracker interface, it’s not hard to create chord progressions - tools like Progressor can even make this process semi-automatic.

Thanks for the quick reply. You’re right, in the end it is just personal preference. But I would really like to get rid of another host, that I use just for the purpose of Midi Out/Midi In for VSTi. I checked out the tool and inspect the code. Pretty awesome man. Kudos to Laffik :yeah:

Cheers bro.