Os Crash

The Picture

How to:

Create a song on OS WIN98se (same machine) and boot after an XP to reload them. It will crash (the *.rns file) absolutely.

Note: VST(i) are on the same place. Tried also with 2Pcs with the Some Folders (VSTi), on with 98se, other Machine with XP. Used VSTi in this case: Albino2


P.s Secend screen: There is no disc in drive.Please insert a Disk in :Harddisc2/DR7 (what ever that means, I have a HD2 but never heared about DR7!?

VSTi Folder= C:/VST/VSTi/Albino

People still use 98?

I know a fix.

Avoid 98…


Win 98 is unbeatable when it comes to Midi-Syncs. I know many people (even professional artists) who avoid XP just because of that problem. And the best about 98 is that FT2 runs like a charm ;)

i also have w98se and xp on my “sequencer” pc, w98se its much better in handling midiports, cascaded soundcards (1) and so on.
and, the most important thing: if w98se f****ed up, i DID NOT HAVE data corruption, if wxp have screen of death, i always know: n1, i lost some data.
and i know its curious:w98se is more stable to me than wxp, (same hardware…).

(1) let me say one thing: slave and mastercard’s should use same IRQ, tell THAT wxp, lol. impossible. have fun with crackling and drop outs caused by lost of sync.