Os X/macintosh, Where's The Insert Key?

OK, starting to do more tests that just running old songs through the alpha and I, like an idiot, i can’t find the insert key on neither my iBook or iMac G5. What’s the equivalent key, anyone?

Seriously, help?!


Sorry that I haven’t answered earlier,

On Apple’s extended keyboards there is an insert key (it’s the one that reads ‘help’), unfortunately MacOS X captures it if no modifiers are pressed. On an iBook you probably don’t even have the key.

This should probably be assigned to another key by default on OS X, to do it on your own go to Configs->Keyboard/Mouse, select “Patterneditor” in the popup menu and select “InsertNewRow” in the menu below.

Then just press any key you want to assign instad of “Insert” in the “New Assignment” field, and then click assign.

Although this is not strictly an answer to your question, I hope it helps.

  • Simon


Edit: [Control + Help] works by default. :w00t: