Osc Communication Questions

I’d like create videos that dinamically responds to Renoise songs. I’m going to use Processing (www.processing.org) and I thought I could use osc messages to obtain better results instead of FFT analysis.

I have two questions:

  1. Can Renoise send osc messages? Is it a basic feature or would it be possibile by writing a specific script?
  2. If Renoise could send osc messages, how can I send them to another laptop? Do I need to create a lan with a router or just connects the laptops with an ethernet cable? Or what?

1:Yes it can send OSC messages. It offers some basic features for receiving:
For sending you need to write your own OSC client to transmit OSC packages of your own design. You are completely free in designing your OSC messages for broadcasting:

2:That is simple networking strategy: If you have a cross-cable, you don’t need a router to directly link two pc’s or laptops with eachother. The only thing that is important is that the ip range of both computers, fall in the same subnet mask. ( means, the first three digits of both ip addresses need to be exactly the same, the last figure needs to be unique).
If you have a router, this rule still counts, but you can use straight cables to connect everything with eachother.

Thanks, now I have some stuff to study.

Here is an example of OSC output in Renoise: Osc Output Initial Version