Osc. How Do I Use It?

Hello, was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for getting to grips with osc.
Resolume can use osc too, so i was hoping that instead of syncing resolume to renoise using midiyoke, which isnt very stable or accurate, osc sounds like it is a better choice…but i actually dont have a clue how to run it.
I enable osc in renoise, and in resloume. i made sure the ip ports are the same, fiddled with the udp and tcp settings, but never managed to get them synced.(as in tempo the same in both apps.)
I have a feeling that maybe i need a server running inbetween???or that osc only works between 2 machines rather than 2 apps running on the same laptop???
this is on windows by the way.
any help would be much appreciated
well i have since discovered OSCcontrol, which lets you design your own gui and map the knobs and faders to an address, (i take it this would be something like /renoise/transport/stop???) and then you have ip address, could someone tell me what is renoises default ip for OSC? i noticed i can change the port in renoise and OSCcontrol so thats just a matter of setting the same one in both??? could anyone tell me how UDP or TCP effects OSC??

Maybe i asked some real stupid questions?

Not stupid, but you miss the OSC topic that has already have been started over here, it might even contain some answers to your questions:

I am clueless on how to send messages out of renoise yet, from what I can tell resolume will need that.
Only thing I’ve been successful at yet is sending messages to renoise’s song transport properties.
In the thread vV linked, some of the info might be hard to understand, the curve went logarithmic with 2.6. :D

If you are using windows you might be able to use oscglue with pattern commands and meta-devices.

I really suggest it, until some form of script can do this natively in renoise.