OSC mapping instruments


I notice that the available OSC mapping does not include midi mappable parameter inside an instrument. Like the macros or devices in modulation or effects.

It would be great to have the resolution offered by OSC on these parameters as well.

Right now I’m mapping the Macros in OSC via an Instr. Macros device in a track but it’s not as flexible.


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There are no direct instrument properties exposed in the GlobalOscActions.lua file, but you are aware that you can add your own entries, right?

(Almost) anything the Renoise Lua API can do can be added to this file. But unlike tools, you can’t just package it and send it to a friend, so the GlobalMidi/OscActions files are best used for creating personal modifications to the program. Perhaps this is also the reason we haven’t seen more of these hacks around?

If you want to create your own methods, just remember to take a copy of the lua file. It should be located in the application data folder just above “tools” - Renoise will load this file if it exists, otherwise it will revert to an internal version.

Thanks for your reply.

I did, with the help of Neurogami, add osc mapping to tracks and devices (and param) by name, which makes much more sense than by track and device number since as soon as you move a track or device you’d need to “remap” the parameter.

I guess I should work on xrni mapping but I feel these features should be included by default in GlobalOscActions.lua.