OSC/Midi question

Hello all,

I’ve been pouring over the manuals and howtos since purchasing renoise a few weeks ago, but i’m not sure it it’s possible to do what I’m planning.

I know I can assign a midi controller directly to a track and then pass that midi data out over another midi channel (midi keyboard to track 1, track 1 forwards to the E-mu midi device attached to the iPad) so I can record the midi notes and still forward them to the external synth. But can you do the same thing with notes coming in from OSC?

I’m using PureData to map my midi controllers and USB devices to OSC commands to control Renoise, and I noticed that I can send note data over OSC… is it possible to then forward that note data for that track back out to a midi channel/device? the midi properties for a track don’t include OSC channels (as far as I can tell) so I’m not sure if the forwarding would work with out an input midi device (and I’m not at the studio to test it)

Thanks in advance


As best I know there is no built-in OSC handler that will redirect the data to a MIDI parameter.

You should be able to add your own OSC handlers and use custom Lua with the Renoise API to do this.


Read the notes at the top of the file.

If you need help writing your own handlers, holler back.

Thanks Neurogami, I figured I may have to roll my own Lua script for what I want to do.

I’ve been experimenting with OSC for some time now and Your posts here and on your blog have been very helpful, keep up the good work.