Osc Out From Signal Follower


I apologise if this has been asked before. I’ve looked around but can’t find anything.

Is there a way to get OSC out (or even MIDI out?) from the signal follower Meta-Effect? It seems you can only route it to other effect devices, not to an external port of any kind.


Currently not.
We anticipate a stable version of LuaJIT which opens up possibilities of realtime engine processing and monitoring of DSP, pattern and instrument events. This would also allow you to base OSC or midimessage triggering upon the real-time notifiers and then send them to other clients using LuaJIT scripting.

Thanks. Hope that update isn’t too far away.

Basically what I need to do is get a value out of Renoise that corresponds to the amplitude of the tracks. As a workaround I’ve found a VST effect that converts amplitude to Midi CC messages. But I can’t work out how to route midi data out of VST effects. I’ve tried making an FX alias on a new instrument and activating it’s external midi output but that isn’t working. Any ideas?

Renoise supports routing MIDI notes from VST instruments to VST effects by means of plugin aliases, but it doesn’t support actual MIDI plugins/routing.
You would need to find some plugin that allows you to open a MIDI directly, or create one yourself.

If you don’t know how to proceed with this, I can probably help as I have a licensed version of SynthEdit and could quickly put together something basic for you.

danoise I would be eternally grateful if you could put something together.

All I need is amplitude to a value. It will be going out to a program called vvvv to feed visuals for a performance. It can be mono or stereo.

Output can be midi cc’s or OSC. Whatever is easiest for you.

If it helps the vst I’m using at the moment can be found here: http://brb.notatruck.net/vst.html. I think it was also made with synthedit.


Allright, I’ll see what I can put together

To keep it simple, I’ll probably make it mono (so you could always add two send tracks / instances if you want stereo operation).

Does anyone mind if i watch this topic?

For all you MIDI signal trackers out there I bring you SESignalFollower

These are the parameters:

Source: use left or right channel
Attack: adjust attack phase speed
Decay: adjust decay phase speed
Level: adjust signal level
Rate: max number of values to output per beat (1-64)

Simply tracking the volume and transmitting to the MIDI output would result in an insane amount of MIDI messages. This is why there’s a sample and hold component in there, to give you an adjustable sampling rate (tell me if you need this to be higher!!)

And of course, the MIDI output settings - should be pretty self-explanatory…

Download SESignalFollower.zip (1104kb)

Thanks so much! Will try it out and post the results.