Osc Related Thread


Let’s use this thread for everything OSC software and hardware related.

If this thread would go better in another area of the forum, by all means do as you wish. :)
I just thought i would put it here for more response, it’s pre-emptive. :D

I found this while perusing opensoundcontrol.org.

it is a osc vstbridge using java

^ similar to vstglue, however you don’t have to edit an offline text doc to change things, though does use java, and I know some don’t like it.

also, I just saw this site, it’s a blog with some interesting things.

Also, Arduino People!
Anyone have any links to multi-purpose sketches and such?


on beatseqr, check roxor it’s an interface ‘midi devices to OSC’
got mixed up thinking they were using primarily osc on beatseqr.

anyway I was just checking this out.
It looks promising.