Osc, Renoise -> Pd

Ok, I just played a tiny bit with PD, controlling renoise over OSC. Although the possibilities are not that many, I think this is the way I’m gonna do my next gig!

I’d like to generate some notes from PD and trigger those in renoise. To keep things in sync, I need to know “where we are” in the song. Sinple sync would be ok, but is it possible to access the current line number and current pattern number in PD, by having renoise send these information over OSC, and if so, how? This would mean that I can make better decisions in PD, simple example is to add a fill every 2 bars…

I think you need to create a Lua script that does this for you, using the observer functions.
The OSC server in Renoise only receives commands and doesn’t send anything back (apart from a status message if the message was ok or discarded)

You might be able to fumble with these API options:
– The currently edited pattern index.
renoise.song().selected_pattern_index, _observable
-> [number]

– The currently edited sequence position.
renoise.song().selected_sequence_index, _observable
-> [number]

– The currently edited pattern. Never nil.
renoise.song().selected_pattern, _observable
-> [read-only, renoise.Pattern object]

And as soon as these observables are triggered to call your assigned function, call the above function(s) to get the global sequence positions and one of these below functions inside your routine to add more info to your OSC message and send it back alltogether to your PD server:
– The currently edited line in the edited pattern.
-> [read-only, renoise.PatternTrackLine object]
-> [number]

But as it won’t be precise, you will most likely need to add a latency value algorithm to compensate the latency for you.

It would also require to have the pattern follow mode on.

Thanks a lot for the reply. I’ve been meaning to get started with lua/renoise for a while, seems now’s the time :)

If I get this to work reliably, it’s gonna rock my socks. It’s gonna be soooo cool!

Thanks again for getting me started and wish me luck :yeah:

Did you make a script?

I’d like to send the current line number to pd aswell
& also receive current line number from pd
but I’m having a hard time with LUA at the moment.