OSC Renoise to CV? ( Modular Eurorack )

OSC has a higher resolution as Midi, which makes it interesting for CCs
SDS Digital (Amazing open Mind Modules) create a WIFIMIDI Eurorack module that work with OSC

Does somebody have experience with OSC and Modular?

  • is that possibly an elegant alternative to DC-Coupled Audio Interfaces?
  • Renoise as (OSC) Master Clock or Slave without Jitter possible?
  • Record CC as the Way possible as with Midi to CV?

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curious about this as well—as Kyma also speaks OSC—so uhh… you gonna buy the module or should I?

Unfortunately i am busy, overwhelmed with new items (Expert Sleepers FH-2, Audio Damage ODIO, SDS Digital RIT_M) my rack is almost full :sneezing_face:

Besides that, Renoise, DFAM and CV.OCD Midi-CV Converter works well.
Unfortunately there is the limit to 1 Midi-channel

I’m using a uO_C i built right now running the hemispheres 1.7 firmware with midi capability myself. I’ve been pretty focused on a few deep modules right now as well—a control forge/satellite combo that i’m slowly working into my 12u rack—just remember, empty rack space is a sin, and the quickest way to hell! :rofl:

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FUCK YEA! Keep me posted PLEASE!

OSC has 32 bit floating point, in the analog domain 24 bits of that is usable and a far, far superior platform.

I’m working on a puredata patch right now that I’m trying to link with Camomile so I can send OSC messages via regular VST (and thus allows me to use 32 bit float automation points)

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