Osc Send Current Note Value + Processing


there is a way to send current note_value of line played by renoise?
there is a variable current_position, something like it?

i’m trying to send the value of note played by Renoise to Processing…

for i = 1, 2000, 1 do
OscMessage("/note", {
{tag = “s”, value = renoise.song().patterns[1].tracks[1].lines[i].note_columns[1].note_string},
{tag = “f”, value = renoise.song().patterns[1].tracks[1].lines[i].note_columns[1].note_value},
{tag = “f”, value = 127}

thanks for help


Renoise has an Idle Notifier that polls a Lua function every 10msecs and in that function you could retreive the current sequence position, but that is not real-time precise so it would not be of much use.
For real time processing, a faster Lua interpreter is needed.
The current JIT Lua which is in development by the Lua team still has no stable edition available.

You could use MIDI instead? Just choose the instrument, and specify which port to use…

Then you can always convert the MIDI notes into OSC, if needed (I don’t know if processing supports MIDI natively)

i must try with MIDI,

i found this :

but is for old version and i don’t know how to convert for 2.8


It more or less does what is possible using the idle notifier but you can already see the note about skipping a line.
The faster a song goes (higher LPB) the more lines are skipped.