#OSC142 | keith303 - dystopian existence

for OSC 142.
made solely with “Vital”, a software synthesizer by Matt Tytel.

DAW: Renoise 3.3beta
Instances of Vital: 18
Track FX: 15x Pro-Q3, 4x NI Raum, 1x Pro-MB, 3x OTT, 9x Renoise Filter DSP, 2x Waves H-Delay (w/o mod.), 1x Waves TrueVerb,
Master Track: HOFA IQ-Limiter, Waves PuigTec EQP1A, Ozone 9 (Dyn. EQ + Limiter)


Very good job, Keith! Vital sounds and looks like a very powerfull and nice looking wavetable synthesizer. I use Reason Europa, maybe a little bit similar product. How is Vital CPU hungry? I can see you used 18 Vital instances, with no any problem?

Edit: It is sad how the time goes by so fast. I remember that I discussed with you something almost 20 years ago…

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Vital is a very powerful synth indeed, just as Serum, which the dev obviously took some (a lot of?) inspiration from.

In direct comparison however, Vital wins for its better workflow / GUI layout. Drag&Drop for connecting modulation source + destination is nothing groundbrakingly new, but having a mouse-over preview whilst dragging a source over different destinations, for me is. it’s a powerhouse of inspirational source and invites everyone to go on sound-design discovery with an unsurpassed ease of use. i never felt so deeply rooted with a softsynth before :slight_smile:

Vital is rather light / moderate on the CPU… even with higher unison.
the 18 instances never sound at the same time. 4 instances were used for creating the speech for example.
the problem in renoise is however, that they do not idle / auto-suspend correctly, so they are either all active in the background and use CPU or if you force the auto-suspend, their reverb and/or delay tails will get cut off.
because of that, i have had to switch to draft quality for some instances whilst working on the track.

so true. i am actually very melancholic about the passing of time and how everything decays. so don’t get me started :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment !

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Man what a piece congrats!!Vital is so warm sounding unlike helm.I see you used 3.3 beta,how is the vst3 support?

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Thanks Stoiximan! Never had an issue with any of my VST3 Plugins :+1:


great tune both melodically and sonically
Great job man!!!

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Endgeil! How do you get this super tight bass sound? Is it experience or the right choice of plugins?

Freut mich, dass es gefällt ! :slight_smile:

bass fx chain looks like this:
Vital internal effects: compression / EQ -> Pro-Q3 (static m/s + dynamic m/s) -> OTT -> Pro-Q3 (static + dynamic).

there also is some dynamic interaction between kick + bass below 400hz, to make more room for the kick.

inside vital, the kick itself has been cut @around 70hz with an emphasis on the same frequency

and of course the usual clearance of LF rumble on all other vital instances / tracks, that are not supposed to play in the low frequency range.


created a version with non-competition-compliant drums for the sake of being able to do it in a way which was not possible in the first place:

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This sound pretty perfect, except maybe the snare, it seems to have too much around 200-500 Hz or so? Maybe some shelve removing it a bit. Or maybe just the snare reverb needs a highpass. Can’t exactly say. Or try a tilt. Or is it layered then maybe the lower layer a bit quieter? Or a dip in the mids? :smile:

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Very cool track !