Hello guys!

Please add oscilocope to analyzers.

i think its perfect role model


I fucking love exoscope so yes please.

It’s in there, look for Track Scopes and Master Scopes in the upper frame

The time base of the Scopes is too small to really be much use as a full oscilloscope. There has been a suggestion to make the time base variable though, and this would give this feature to what I would personally consider a almost passable extent. Trigger settings (Slope and Level) are a couple of advanced settings which would also be nice but maybe a little advanced to add without making things cluttered.

True, some ‘zoom’ sliders would come in handy some times :D
I still don’t get the slope thingy. What would that do? I know it’s in the new Spectrum Analyzer… but I don’t see the diff

On a oscilliscope you can choose to trigger on the up or the down edge of the waveform. To be honest this is only ever really useful for repeating waveforms where you want to get the sync in a particular place (say you want to only see the negative half) or if you have a sync-pulse you want to try and trigger from, such as with video signals.

Slope on the Spectrum Analyser is a completely different thing! I believe it adds X amount of dB per Octave, to try and give a flatter looking signal for a more natural sound, but I’m not 100% sure on this.

This feature would be entirely necessary for compressing and mastering, especially that there is no RMS meters in Renoise.