Osx: Audio Outputs (& A Rewire Crash)

Hi folks,

Yikes… this app looks amazing! I’m trying to use it to do things that are cumbersome in Logic with the piano roll or hyper editor. Anyway, I’ve got my demo all set up and pretty much everything I need is working. All my Au plugs and Instruments, awesome. But I can’t my main audio to route from any outputs other than the main (analog 1-2) outputs on my PCI 424 card. (Motu) This creates a small problem for me since I have some top of the line D/A convertors hooked up digitally to the card and I don’t really want to use the inferior convertors. Perhaps this won’t be a problem while rewired to Logic but it’s not ideal while using renoise standalone. Not a dealbreaker, just not ideal.

No other outputs show up in the audio preference pane, only outputs 1-2 … so I assume it can’t be done, but thought I’d check. I’m on OSX 10.5.8, PPC, Renoise 2.5.1 demo

Michael Telle

Disable this option: Preferences > Audio > Limit To Stereo In/Out


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D’oh! Seems that I jumped to conclusions here… this “limit to stereo in/out” option may only be available on Windows. I’m not a Mac user myself, so I’m not sure if there’s anything similar that you could adjust there.

Hey thanks for the welcome dblue. I checked it out and there is indeed no preference option like that in OSX. (or at least 10.5.8) And in other new, renoise won’t open on my laptop. Macbook Pro, OS 10.5.8. It seems to crash while trying to intitialize rewire.

Michael Telle

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@esteso: Can you post the crash log? Cut and past from Console.app


Yes… thanks for the help, here it is. Jibberish to me!

Deleted to save bandwidth! Solved … totally my fault. (don’t even ask me what I did)

PS how do I change the heading to “solved”?