Osx: Bounce Dock Icon When Rendering Finished

Hi. When the Rendering of a song finishes in Renoise, the Renoise icon does not bounce in the dock. This is a regular OSX feature for almost every application, when a dialog opens inside the application, when a process/progress is finished, etc. It would also help in identifying when a song has been rendered, as there has been some talk about how people don’t really know when rendering finishes.

If non-osx-users / osx-users think this is a crazy thing to even notice isn’t there, then let me remind that Growl also doesn’t work ;)

I’ve been an OSX user since 2003 and I have to suggest this be moved to ideas and suggestions.

Growl and Dock integration are Cocoa features. Cocoa is Objective-C. Renoise is C++.

Developers go out of their way to turn off bouncing docks because it’s annoying. Clearly not all apps bounce in the dock.

Growl was automatically installed by a bunch of 3rd party apps (adobe, dropbox…) without permission. This pissed people off. Growl went from Open Source to closed. This pissed people off. So much that it was forked. Docs for implementing are here and has nothing to do with Apple. Clearly not every OSX app supports Growl. Most, don’t. Growl is a touchy subject these days.

Yeah, I heard about the Growl issues, especially with it going commercial. Weird stuff. Mind you, the way Growl works and the way it tells you to install updates is really clunky (that whole updating process), so it’s not necessarily an amazingly well thought-out application…

I suppose your mentioning of C++ / Objective-C means that dock-bouncing would be pretty hard to do, and I do agree, sometimes it can be annoying.

Personally I don’t know. I just thought it was worth mentioning because some people consider an OSX app that doesn’t bounce a feature :)