Osx: Can't Close A Lua Gui

Since ESC is disabled in this GUI (or passed directly into Renoise), I can’t actually quit this tool. The only workaround I can come up with is to switch to Fullscreen-mode and back again.

Or add a short-cut key that says “close unclosable tool-GUI”
Or use the Key-repeat trick to detect a double “esc” press and exit on that.

or I guess modify most gui-based lua scripts to also have a “close gui”…
or maybe theres some way of writing a script which kills all the currently_open guis?

If you would like to read a document once in a while to read an object value from it (a value that tells your tool whether to close the gui or stay alive) and if every other developer decides to support it, then:yes. But natively there is only one trick that works for this:close Renoise.

but the other native trick for renoise is to switch to fullscreen and back, which will flip the gui back out from behind the osx top menu.

i was speaking about “close all current open” windows solution.

How did you managed to let it show up like this? It’s the lates version of FM Synth isn’t it?
Tried to replicate this here on OSX, but there it never shows up with a hidden caption.

Regarding workarounds: This really is something Renoise must and should take care of. No need to fumble around with scripts.

Taktik: i moved the window up by mouse and encontered this issue…
I will be able to post bugreports better when i figure out an OSX tool for making animated gifs :)