OSX: Can't load waves VST plugins from Favorites


I always have bugs with waves plugins. Why I bought them…

When I load a waves plugin (e.g. Q10), it’s loading well.

Then if I decide to put it in favorites, I have a Renoise warning:

The audio plugin ‘’ no longer exists. Please rescan plugins to remove plugins which no longer exist, and make sure that your plugin paths are correctly set.

And then another warning:

Failed to initialize the plugin ‘VST: Waves: Q10 Stereo’.

To reproduce the bug:

  1. Load Q10 or another waves plugins

  2. Add it in favorites

  3. Load it again

  4. Renoise Warnings

I use Renoise 3.1 Rc2 and Waves plugins v9.3

Edit: The problem seems to be only for VST format and not AU.

Thank you

I think waves last update was to vst3 only or something. Ouch…

Some update moved the 2.4 vsts to another directory (there seems to be no choice now). Still, 2.4 versions don’t work for me always with this waveshell stuff anyway, sometimes does stuff like what the OP is saying but sometimes works fine.

Same thing is happening here.

Lucky you have the AU plugins, they don’t even show up here.

Maybe temp is to disable rescanning at startup?