OSX: Copy/Paste devicechains between multiple running Renoise instance


when I am working with two instances of Renoise, and I want to transfer a device chain, then very often (or always?) the first action “copy device chain” will not work. I have to execute “copy device chain” two times, to actually get it into copy buffer.

This is maybe relevant for all copy-paste actions, or only device chain operations. Also no idea if this is related to R3’s focus. Maybe this is also relevant for only one instance (inner instance copying).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open two Renoise in OSX. Open two songs. Stay in tracker view.

  2. First copy any dev chain from A to B. Click B and play.

  3. Now Go to A, click another track in tracker view, and right click below in the fx bar, on the already focused device and select “copy device chain”

  4. Paste to B. You will still have the first device chain.