Osx: Crashes With Different Plugins after OSX update

Some days ago i updated OSX to 10.5.6

The next day in studio i`m starting my mac, launching renoise and … CRASH.
Checked the log… problem was in TAL Bassline VSTi. I updated it. (had an old version).
Next time i tried to launch Renoise and again… CRASH.
Now it was about Reaktor. I updated Reaktor. Crashes anyway.

Found this thread on apple`s site


Anyone here experienced the same problem!
Please HELP somebody. I`m on a deadline!

p.s. Also Reaktor crashes too as standalone. WEIRD.
p.s.s. Also various another crashes appearing here and there with Renoise and plugins.

Then this is clearly a problem of Mac OSX, reading your linked topic:i also see reports about problems/crashes with other hosts.
I’ll move this topic to help & support as this is no Renoise bug.
Also changed the topic title.
It seems this topic can serve as a warning to void updating…

There are loads of more problems with this update as I can see on the mac-forums

…so skip this version.

already updated…total fuck up

To get back to the stability you had from 10.5.5 or 10.5.4, you might have to backup, and do a clean system re-install. One might be able to find the offending .plist, preference pane or other file(s) to delete/replace. But unless you knew exactly where to look, a clean re-install of the OS would still be faster to get back to smooth sailing.

This happened for many people during the move from Tiger to Leopard as well (10.4 to 10.5) but was to be somewhat expected. It has also happened during minor system updates also but with much less frequency.

I’ve been advising people who do a lot of audio (some for a living) not to allow system updates until the smoke has cleared on each. (turn Software Update control panel off)

If they have older Macs (2-4 years old) and if they choose to use older apps (by older I mean circa 2005-2007!) or plug-ins, then I advise them away from Leopard (10.5.x) all together unless an app or plug requires it.

On my ancient G5 (10.4.11, RME9632), Renoise 2.0 has never even come close to crashing and it runs more AudioUnits plug-ins simultaneously than Digital Performer and Logic did. I am astounded at how well Renoise 2 handles AU plug-ins and CPU efficiency on such an old computer!

Be sure to keep your main folder(s) where you store you most important compositions backed up (if not your entire hard drive) as often as possible to preserve your sanity. I know this is a pain so I often set up automated backups for people to run every day to a dedicated external hard drive. Intego’s Personal Backup does this quite well and is non-intrusive (even while you’re working).

Beware Apple’s Time Machine! This backup program saves your data in its own proprietary format. If your Mac crashes, you will need a working Mac to restore your data. Also, shortly after the release of Time Machine, there was talk of a class action suit against Apple due to corruption of customer’s data saved in the Time Machine format. Fortunately Apple solved that particular issue but I never trust backup programs that save data in their own proprietary format like Retrospect, Time Machine and a few others.

Finally, don’t forget to save the installers of your favorite pro audio plug-ins and applications to DVD-R discs. Since many of our favorite programs originate from download purchases, we (I) forget to put them on a separate disc just in case of such emergencies as having to re-install the OS.

thanks for tips Synchro, but i have winxpsp3 installed on machine too. so this gonna be a hell to reinstall 2 systems and tonns of plugins, apps, synths, utils, etc.
i tried to clean up everything using OnyX, but it didnt helped at all.
i remember when i had an asus machine, my winxp crashed and i had to reinstall everything, it took 1 week…
lets see what comes in 10.5.7 (it cant be much worse haha) os x update, if thisll not work, i`ll reinst all.
btw, backup process is a must for me to, have several external HDs, dont use apps for this, just simple copy operation. Never used time machine or any other apps.

I know with WinXP, you have a system restorepoint that you can revert…
So if sh*t happens, you could always revert to an earlier restore point. The software installations from beyond that point had to be reinstalled, but you did not needed to reinstall and reactivate tons of plugins that way.

Does the Mac has such system?

time machine.

performing a clean install of os x (and restoring your files and apps) should only take a few hours - just be sure you have all your work, files, samples etc. and everything nice and backed up somewhere - external firewire 800 drives are ideal for this purpose.

you can dramatically accelerate the os x installation process by saving a .dmg of the factory leopard install dvd onto an external firewire hard drive partition - it’s best to use a blank hard drive for this purpose - something you don’t need to use for anything but running the installer - like an old 80GB drive - there are lots of cheat sheets online on how to do this - you can get a clean install of leopard in there in minutes rather than hours - still, the subsequent online updates are time consuming unless you’re a geek like me and save those to an external drive as well!

there’s a techie group that regularly releases a disk image called boot utilities for os x - they have a lot of information there about making bootable external drives from disk image files along with many other tech tips - check it out: http://www.dostuffright.com/index.php?subject=6&topic=18


Here is a workaround. Go to audio/midi setup, choose your internal soundcard sample rate to 48khz. Apply.
If you have external audiocard, do this to it too.

Launch Reaktor 5, must work with no crashes and stuff.

100% Tested.