Osx: Cursor Keys Work Intermittently In Pattern Editor

Ok, after messing around a bit, I can duplicate this. Maybe this is not your exact issue, but I can consistently screw up the arrow keys.

Renoise 2.1 (and others), OSX 10.6.2: Steps to reproduce:

  • OSX System Preferences -> Enable “Spaces”
  • File -> New Song
  • Press the down arrow 10 times.
  • With your left hand on the left CTRL key, press the up arrow (CTRL + UP) - substitute CTRL with your “Switch Between Spaces” shotcut(s), see screenshot below
  • Now, try navigating up or down in Renoise. (The arrow keys are fuxed now)

If you disables “Spaces” (and restart Renoise, or CTRL-Arrow again) the problem goes away. Probably because the shortcuts conflict.

Don’t worry, we both (and probably most of us here) agree in one thing: No OS platform is perfect. Each one has it’s own peculiar things here and there.