OSX: DDMF Lp10 AU GUI Problems With Bands

I will email docdued before tomorrow, but has anyone else had trouble with Renoise 2.5 and his Linear Phase Eq?

Its a great EQ, I really need it for my sound design. I like to use this EQ before putting samples in a sampler…

I can’t get any of the filters to work.


This behavior is not in 2.1, or at least I don’t remember it being so. Somebody else with the DDMF Audio Unit, 10.4.11 wish to take a look? Try to confirm?


What do you exactly mean by “get any of the filters to work”?

I’ve tested it quickly here and it seems to work so far. Please do contact the plugins author to get more info. Even if this is a problem in Renoise, we do need more info from them…

Ooops, that is so strange. On my system, I can’t get the drop down menu to show up, the one where you choose a filter. I will write an email to ddmf, now…


Sometimes right clicking into graph indeed does not work. But double clicking (which seems to do the same) always works. Selecting the bands & stuff in the lower part of the GUI also always works.

Sorry, theres not much we can do here. This is not a Renoise fault or malfunction. And even if it is we do need the help of the plugin devs to find out whats going on here.