Osx: Do Not Destroy Keybindings.xml On Exit If No Diskspace

i run out of diskspace on my drive very often. then i start closing apps. i closed renoise, it started complaining about not being able to write to a tmp folder. then when i load renoise 2.8 back with osx10.6.8, the whole keybindings.xml has been corrupted and lost. now, this isn’t a major issue for any of you, but it is immensely major for me, as i keep switching shortcuts around and saving and setting them and i really think that renoise should be able to recognize, on quit:

  • disk space 0
  • do not write keybindings == thus trashing keybindings
  • exit

this has been reported earlier on during the 2.8 beta and it was promised that something would be done about it, but no…

and yes, i do understand this isn’t high priority, but seriously, if diskspace 0, don’t trash keybindings.xml! please! :confused:

I thought this was about saving songs to disks with not having space and not remove the old song if the new song wasn’t saved properly.
There are several things stored to disk (The vst plugin database as well).
Having a sanity check on diskspace in all write occasions would be no more than logical. But i doubt the case of a minor XML file, here this might be more an authorisation problem rather than a diskspace problem.
Either way:sanity checks always would work in this order:write file, if written file does not work, don’t clear old file, else clear old file, copy new file to old location.

yeah. this was about quitting renoise with no song to save, and then losing keybinds. sanity check would be much appreciated, i think this has happened twice with 2.8 (beta and gold version). and to reiterate: i fully understand that noone should have a full disk, i should have more space, but if i don’t, and i’m quitting software this way and that way to free up space, it is a really big bummer to lose keybindings.xml like this…

thank you for your understanding, vV