OSX: Dock pops up when song is loaded

I was going to post this in the Beta forum as the behaviour just started, but then I tried V3.0 and it has started doing the same thing.

Anyway, the OSX dock pops up after a song is loaded which is a tad annoying as you can’t start using Renoise untill you get it away.

I don’t recall I’ve installed anything recently other than the new 3.1 Beta and the Rewire it asked for.

Any ideas?

OSX Yosemite10.10.5

Well, case close I suppose… I just realized this only happens when I load my latest XRNS, it must be one of the VST effects doing this.

It happened to me when i use a 32bit vst instead of 64bit

Now i’m only using vst in 64bit, problem solved :yeah: