OSX: GUI controls don't work with SmoothMouse driver


if you install a mouse accelerator in OSX, for example smooth mouse (http://smoothmouse.com ), mouse right- holddown-drag actions will not work properly, the acceleration in movement is kind of messed up, sometimes even reversed.

This only happens on right click, drag operations using left mouse buttons work as expected.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install tool, select “enable for mice” and “like windows”

  2. open renoise, open eq5

  3. set a band, now drag with right mouse button to change the Q. It behaves imprecise.

EDIT: It is caused by the settings “mouse warping” ! If it is disabled, everything works fine! I think mouse warping relies on some specific refresh rate? That will change, using a mouse accelerator. Maybe the is a OS call to get current mouse refresh rate?


Actually it also affects left mouse drags. Like slider movement. I only reported this, because smooth mouse seems to work with other guis. Also it adds nice windows cursor acceleration and also seems to enable real 60Hz for OSX pointer.

BTW. I deactivated beamsync in Info.plist (deferredupdates no)

EDIT: Nevermind :unsure: Was wrong.