osx: how to drag a sample from finder onto renoise in dock

hi. i’m on sampleslot 3, with an empty slot. renoise is behind my other DAW. i have a wavefile in the other software. i wish to drag this wavefile onto Renoise in Dock, so it’s loaded to sampleslot 3.

i drag the file, but nothing happens. how do i make renoise realize that it’s a wavefile, and that it should be loaded when dragged on top of Renoise?
alternatively, is there some sort of a method to prompt Renoise to load a sample into current sampleslot, from the commandline?

p.s. i have set wavefile so that if i doubleclick on a wave file, it opens up renoise and loads the wavefile into the sampleslot. if renoise is already open, and a sampleslot is free, and i doubleclick on a wavefile, it loads it into the empty sampleslot. what’s missing however, is the full cocoa OS X implementation for Renoise, which involves “drag .wav to Dock Icon” -> “do something”.
Is there some way i can hack that in, or what should i do?