OSX: Insert -key? how to enable?

Hi, I have an Apple numeric usb keyboard with the FN-key on top of Delete (right next to home), and i’m trying to figure out how to change that to be Insert?

How would I do that in Renoise, or globally on OSX?

AFAIK ‘fn’ is a modifier-only key, in that it only functions to trigger secondary key commands from the rest of the keyboard to the OS, I don’t believe it can be re-mapped on its own as it does not actually communicate a normal key command to the computer without being used in tandem with another key.

Unfortunately, you have to make a new shortcut for the Insert-key. I made mine ctrl-delete.

this is probably the single most annoying thing about tracking on a mac. I switched teams to OSX 10 years ago, and when I run renoise on a new laptop for the first time, I always get annoying at having to take time out to solve this.