Osx M1: Numerous Native Instruments Intel based Plugins No Longer Work

I’m on an Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max and after launching the latest 3.4 Renoise and opening one of my tracks I was greeted with an error: “The following plugins could not be found or failed to open: AU: Native Instruments: FM8”

I loaded the 3.3.2 version of Renoise to double check if the plugin was at fault and loading the same track was fine. Loading version 3.4 again and the same track had the error mentioned.

On a clean new song the following plugins are loading but with no audio:
Absynth 5, FM8, Super8

The following plugins DO work:
Battery 4, Kontakt, Massive X

Massive (standard not X) plays but changing any knobs in the plugin GUI while playing causes a massive audio pop.

Maybe this is a known set of incompatibilities at their end but seeing as the plugins all worked fine on the previous release before the official ARM version I’m also letting you know here.

If you use AU that is not native in native version, it uses system bridge AUcompatibilityProcess or something like that, and sadly NI plugins doesnt work good with them regardless of hosts.
In vst bridged by renoise fm8 works.
btw you dont need to use older version, you can check “use rosetta2 mode” in info of app.

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As mr.Positive said: if you rely on them, you can continue using the Intel version of Renoise 3.4 to avoid the bridging. As soon as NI releases M1 compatible versions of their plugins you can then switch over to the M1 version of Renoise.

You can launch Renoise 3.4 as Intel app with Rosetta, by right clicking the Renoise.app and choosing “Get Info”, then select “Open using Rosetta” in the panel.

Thanks both of you! I totally forgot that you could run universal apps using Rosetta :slight_smile: