[osx] Many Vst Plugins Have A Noisy & Sounds Crisp


i work with a powerbook g4 1,67 GHz, macos 10.3.9. and a M-audio firewire card. I got a big problem to play vst plugins in a track. for example : When i take a room vst plugin is the sound of room/delay very noisy and digital. Take i the same VSt plugin in the sample editor and bounce the sample, the sound is ok.
This problem i got with many vst plugins.

Have anyboby the same problem or expirience withe this problem?

best wishes


maybe you should adjust the Buffer settings of your soundcard (i.e.: increase latency, buffer). Check out your soundcard’s control panel

no, i can set the buffer size up to 1024 and the plugins sound noisy as well.

Some vst plugins under osx need static buffering and most of them a static buffersize.

This issue is being worked on for the next bugfix release (yes there is coming another MacOS bugfix release to resolve more 10.3->10.4 issues)

ok, thank you, but renoise is realy more exciting, as all other sequenzer. After the discovery of renoise i change my main envitonment from Live 4 to renoise. Right, cubase and logic is the snow of yesterday.

best wishes


To be sure that this is really a “static buffersize” problem:

Could you let us know which plugs crackle and then send me (taktik renoise com) your CachedVsts file? You will find this file in “~/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V1.5/CachedVsts.xml”

I will then tweak the file and send it back to you.

Thanks for any help.