OSX: Menu item category titles missing upon start

I’ve just noticed this.

When I start Renoise in OSX, the menu bar items are gone, but if you mouse over them, the drop downs are still active and you can see the sub menus. After clicking the header they come back… eventually.


Which OSX version are you running Renoise on? Does this always happen or just sometimes?

Can anyone else replicate this problem?

Running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and have not experienced this issue at all.

I’m Running macOS Mojave.

This happens sometimes.

I’ve been testing and troubleshooting. This may be a false positive.

When I get home I’ll confirm a theory I have and will update this thread.


This isn’t a bug. I have another app that hides icons in the top bar on MacOS. It’s called Vanilla,

Apparently there is an issue with that where it hides the menu titles in all applications. I’m speaking to the developer about this bug.

Renoise is good.

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