OSX Mojave, Renoise and Korg Legacy Plugins: Not working

FYI and warning to Mojave users – the old Korg Legacy plugins won’t load in Renoise after an upgrade to Mojave. A message pops up saying they can’t be loaded.

I’m able to load them on the same system in Ableton Live 10. But in Renoise, it’s the same message every time.

Just though folks should be warned, in case you’re using the old Korg Legacy plugins.

It’s unfortunate because I get warnings that my Mac will no longer Renoise in future updates. If that’s the case I have to migrate to Reaper and lose a lot of music and sound progress in my platformer game.

Some of my plugins no longer work like Sausage Fattener.

You quite likely get this message, because you’re using a 32 bit version of Renoise. Apple is going to drop support for 32 bit applications soon.

Renoise can be downloaded as 64 and 32 bit version from the backstage.

is there anything useful in the Renoise logs regarding this?

VstPlugs: Trying to instantiate '/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/KORG/WAVESTATION.vst/Contents/MacOS/WAVESTATION'...
VstPlugs: Plugin is a Mach-O executable...
VstPlugs: Instantiate FAILED (MagicMatch failed - is no VST Plugin) !!!
VstPlugs: CreateInstance FAILED

Audio Plugins: Failed to open plug VST: WAVESTATION

Exception: Failed to initialize the plugin 'VST: Workstations: WAVESTATION'.

Error Message: Failed to initialize the plugin 'VST: Workstations: WAVESTATION'.

If you load the AU version before, the VST version will load then. But also something goes wrong while loading the AU, like multiple times plugin scanning (at least heavy loading time and filemon indicates this, but maybe it is caused by the other bug?). Normal loading in other DAWs.

4tey and me did some research on the topic already: Instantiate Failed (Magicmatch)

The au versions are wrappers for the vst versions. So after the vst was loaded/cached into memory once, it seems to work then.

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interesting info ffx, I didn’t realize it was only the AU. I’ll check this out tonight to make sure it’s the same on my system, but I do believe I was trying to load just the AU.