Osx: Mouse Clicks are Sometimes Off

Hi there, I’m running renoise on my macbook with OSX 10.5.7 and after a few minutes of Renoising the mouse calibration (or something) is off. For example, if I click on line 4, line 3 will be selected, If I try to add some drive on my distortion dsp, I click the Razor option in stead of selecting the parameter…
I’ve had this problem twice today and a simple restart will do the trick but I like to work on with some projects so its a little anoying. :P

I tried to make a screenshot but those damn macs dont screencap the mouse arrow so its kind of useless…

btw, its not always after a few minutes but the last time I was just opening a few of my old songs and then it happened again. (sorry for all the crappy english)

I doubt you can blame Renoise for that, but just to be sure:
If that happens, does the mouse responds with false coordinates in other applications as well? Or only Renoise?

Ofcourse I checked that, its only in Renoise.
Not only the mouse but the trackpad has the same problem, so I’d say its definitely Renoise…?
Or my mac has some problems with Renoise all of a sudden.

Usually, a program gets the coordinates of the mouse-pointer from the system and since Renoise does not contain routines to move or restrict mousepointer movement (which are the only methods to tell the system it has to do something with the mousepointer coordinate-wise), it does not seem very likely Renoise can be a cause in that.

Renoise does call the system hardware on a different level than usual programs do and if the system has a glitch on that level, this might explain why ordinary programs like texteditors or browser work. But for instance you could also experience similar mouse problems in games.

When i google for mouse problems with Macbooks, i notice several issues popping up regarding the trackpad and folks trying to figure out how to disable it, two things are important: ignor accidental trackpad movements and ignore trackpad when mouse is present:

td6d: Have you installed some tools like shapeshifter or other things that do influence how OSX looks like lately? Or some other gadget tools?

Happens this running Renoise fullscreen?

Alright, Ill check that one out :)

No, just a clean OSX, no extra programs :)

this does not happen on mac osx 10.4.10 with renoise 2.1.0