Osx: No Gui In Waves Audio Units / Vsts

Just installed waves for Mac. OS is Snow leo 10.6.4
Renoise is 2.6b5

AU versions works perfect

VST are working, but all vst plugs opens WITHOUT gui!!! Help!!!

Bumping this one… Sorry for the 4 month delay…
Is this still an issue?
I notice someone on Windows found a solution on the user rights area:
It might be something similar on OSX, though i have no idea where OSX stores these kind of class references or wether it uses it at all.
But might also be a simple chmod solution for your current user that has to be applied on the plugin files.

not actual really, cuz i sold my mac.
anyway thanks )

A damn pity, also a solution, but not the solution any of us would like to advise.

Absolutely )