OSX: No HiDPI resolution on a 4k screen connected to a mac mini

Hello, I can’t understand what’s the matter. On my mac mini 2018 i3 blurry fonts and interface elements with a connected 4k screen. But on macbook 16" with retina everything is displayed well, and if i connect macbook to the same screen, too, everything is ok. On mac mini - no :frowning: Pls Help.

OSX Big Sur


Renoise unfortunately can not switch between Retina and non Retina resolutions dynamically at the moment when multiple monitors are present, so it will use the main monitor’s as base resolution and then lets OSX up or downscale the UI on the other screens.

So if you make your external 4k monitor the “main screen” (the one with the dock), it should work for now.

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Thank You! it helped me!