OSX: Renoise 3.3.1 asking to reinstall Rewire on every startup

osx 10.13.6 High Sierra
Renoise 3.3.1

very peculiar behaviour since 3.3.1 installed!
sometimes (once in 2-x starts)
Renoise asks to reinstall Rewire!:frowning:
image attached.

I never use Rewire anyways:(
can I disable it or at least get out of this loop?!


disable quarantine bit for Renoise.app, then it goes away.

ffx thanks
but I did that.
globally and per app (Renoise)
and still getting that !:frowning:

Hm, make sure you did it like this: [SOLVED] Keeps asking to install Renoise Rewire (Mojave)
And maybe renoise.app should stay directly in /Applications.

a) Renoise is in applications
( I start it with an alias )
b) i did reset the quarantine…

I’m no greenhorn:)

but I still get this loop :frowning:

I even deleted the Propellerheads dir…

I did all of the above all over again
reinstalled renoise, dequarantined, deleted Propellerheads dir
and rebooted after that.

all seems ok so far!:slight_smile: for now…:slight_smile:
thanks big time for help.

So is it fixed or not? Wasn’t implying that urra noob :laughing: Yeah, maybe you have to crate those dirs and set proper access rights to it? I remember had similar problem. But maybe I don’t know how to help you.

EDIT: oops didn’t see your last post. Will add “do a reboot” to that post.

it is fixed now it seems!
thank you.

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