OSX: Renoise crashing when opening projects

Latest Renoise version is randomly crashing a lot when opening songs. The error message says "unhandled exception in thread: GUI. It doesn’t matter if song uses external plugins or just built it devices, it crashes even when opening the tutorials that come bundled with Renose.

I’ve tried to disable all plugins and uninstalled the tools, but no difference.

I have attached the log file (it’s fresh). First project opened ok, after that I immediately opened a second project, which caused a crash.

Renoise.log (11.9 KB)

This is pretty weird. This definitely doesn’t happen for everyone on OSX with the latest version, so let’s try to find out what’s causing this for you.

Are you sure that previous versions of Renoise work fine in exactly the same setup? Which version have you used before?

Have you recently upgraded your OSX system to 10.14?

Which Mac hardware are you running this on?

Please also try deleting your Renoise preferences to check if some combinations of some configuration setting somehow cause this. You’ll find the location of the Reoise preferences folder by clicking on “Help” -> “Show the Preferences Folder…” menu in Renoise. Please make a copy of your old preferences first, in case you want to restore it and for further analyzation purposes.

iMac 27" 2017, i5, Radeon 580, on OSX 10.14 from launch. I also tested a few older versions: same error with 3.1, 3.0 just disappears without showing error message, no issues with 2.8.2. Because I didn’t use Renoise much on this machine before 3.2 I thought it was a problem with this version, but looks like I just didn’t detect it on 3.1.
I also tested 3.2 on my old '08 MacBook (clean OSX 10.11), no issues there.

I tried deleting the preferences, closed/killed background apps that could potentially mess with it (like some mouse utilities and window snapping tools) and run it in low resolution, but no difference. I have no idea what else to do to pinpoint the problem, besides doing clean install of OS (but would really prefer to avoid that)… It’s weird, because I have no issues with any other software. Even Renoise works once it manages to open the song…