Osx Tiger

would osx version of renoise be compatible with this latest version of osx?

im not knowledgable in this area but after reading tigers specs it seems that it will still support 32 bit processing without any emulation so i would think that renoise would still be able to be used on tiger but im not very familiar with how apples versions work, although i did see something about a new compiler gcc 4.0? saying how it will make it easier to compile binaries for the older mac os’s.
overall im just wondering theoretically if renoise will function on it.

or if currently it would only work on Osx panther

It will work just,
I’ve only tried it with Mac OS X 10.4(8A425).
Don’t know wich version will be the final of 10.4(maybe 8A428 or 8A432).
We’ll see that on friday 29th :)

I’m so looking forward to tiger; especially core image, core video and the core audio enhancements;
I just stumbled upon this little feat. today:

that rocks;


nice! thanks for the input!
im sure this will not only help me but will also help others that know how to use the search feature also

I, in my laziness, appreciate having nice warm fuzzy things pointed out to me. :P
Any more warm fuzzies, while we’re on the subject?

that is whiikiid…
i’m surprised that no one has thought of doing this in windows yet
:blink: or have they?
i was trying to use my laptop mic for input along with my echo io for output earlier today with sc3 and lots of unfriendly code tells me this isnt possible, at least the way i was doing it. but this will be very nice once the g5 powerbooks come, which i am going to believe will be somewhat soon. i would really like to see/hear/use renoise in the 64 bit enviroment but it also makes me wonder if that is even possible with the way the tigers installer works if i read the specs correctly it will run renoise using 32 bit and not 64 bit i guess unless the devs compile a 64bit version so it would then use it as 64 bit.

I’m currently running Renoise on Tiger (Dual G5), works without problems :)

:) nice! thanks for the info el Zeratulo.

second quarters here so hopefully there will be word of the g5 powerbook soon…

Hello all mac users,

I’d like to apologize for not releasing the bugfix last night as I said; I’ve got some minor problems with the build & release process which will be sorted out as soon as possible.

Also I’d like to clarify the issue a little. I’ve seen and received some really angry mails about how bad Tiger must be when something like this happens and how bad Apple are for breaking compatibility etc. I’ve got two things to say about this.

First, until MacOS X 10.4 Apple hasn’t made any real promises about the API:s (Application Programming Interfaces). Basically 10.4 is the first “real” release, and from now there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with new releases.

Second, the problem with Renoise on 10.4 isn’t actually a compatibility issue. It was rather really a hidden bug in Renoise that hasn’t been exposed earlier. For some reason it has just worked in Panther. Basically all I had to do was to change one line of code to get it working on Tiger, the problems I’m having now with the build process are completely unrelated to Tiger.

If I’m allowed to include some personal opinions, all I can say is that Tiger is wonderful. It’s a great OS with a lot of great new features and improvements, both visible for the user but also a lot “under the hood” that makes life easier for us programmers and also several interesting new features in the kernel that shows us a little about what Apple is planning in the future. It’s well worth the money, now stop complaining :)

no more complaining and bitching for sure
Tiger rocks, i haven’t spent so much time on my iBook for weeks, this MacOS release is damn exciting.

Thanks for spending time working on this bugfix, we don’t have to complain but send you massive respect.

can’t wait for this new release.